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Learn How CHS Is Keeping You Safe

Outstanding Health Care for All Your Needs

As Catholic Health Services continues to see a decline in new COVID-19 cases, our health system is phasing in more general services, including elective surgery. This is important because many Long Islanders have had to postpone their check-ups, exams, or elective procedures. Now we can do both, safely and effectively.

Updated Visitor Policy

Learn the latest information about how we are keeping our patients and employees safe.

Elective Surgery

Elective surgery procedures are medically necessary but not urgent. However, too long of a delay and a condition that could have easily been easily treated may become a crisis. In resuming elective surgery, CHS is ensuring our community has access to an outstanding level of care. Please don’t put off essential health care. 

If you were already scheduled or need to schedule a procedure, please contact your physician's office directly.

Safe, Effective Emergency Care

CHS's Emergency Departments (ED) maintain the highest level of safety and sanitization. Our emergency physicians and staff are expertly trained to protect our patients and visitors. 

You can be confident that our EDs are secure centers of excellent care. We’ve implemented new protocols to further ensure your safety:

  • All who enter the ED are screened for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • All individuals entering CHS facilities are required to wear a cloth or surgical mask. Patients may bring their own masks or we will supply one. 
  • All CHS EDs feature alternate waiting rooms for patients with viral symptoms. To avoid overcrowding, some visitors may be asked to wait in their vehicle until space becomes available.
  • Be assured, infectious patients are cared for in isolation, away from non-infectious patients.
  • We maintain six-feet of social distancing in all our public areas, such as waiting rooms.
  • We’ve intensified the continual cleaning and disinfection of all patient care areas, most especially high touch surfaces. Also, our hospital ventilation systems have all undergone an extensive sanitization process.
  • All care team members wear surgical masks and protective eye wear, as well as other necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), at all times when caring for patients. 

Call 911 or drive directly to a CHS hospital if you or a family member experience any symptoms that may require emergency care, We’re ready, safe and very able to help you. 

You may also contact our ambulance partner, Hunter Ambulance:

  • 516-719-HELP (516-719-4357)
  • 631-719-HELP (516-719-4357)

In a longstanding collaboration, CHS and Hunter EMS continue to offer medical transportation services for patients in need. Hunter’s rigorous decontamination program ensures that its ambulances and crews are prepared for each patient, offering a safe and clean environment during transport.

CHS Medical Group and CHS eVisit

Don't postpone your annual exams and check-ups. The practices of the CHS Medical Group, with locations throughout Long Island, have put new measures in place to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for appointments. Patients can also schedule telemedicine consultations via CHS eVisit.

  • All who enter our offices are screened for coronavirus: providers, staff and patients.
  • All visitors are required to wear a cloth face covering or surgical mask and to sanitize their hands before entering.
  • Our waiting rooms have been modified to ensure safe distancing for patients and visitors.
  • To manage volume, after check-in, some patients may be asked to wait in their cars until an exam room to sanitized and ready.
  • We maintain separate office hours for patients who report viral symptoms.

Home Care You Can Trust

The COVID-19 pandemic never stopped Catholic Home Care from caring for patients in the comfort of their homes. Our highly skilled nurses and therapists have continued our mission to bring care to those healing at home since the outbreak began. We minister to those recovering from this virus as well as people coping with health issues unrelated to COVID-19.

To keep our Catholic Home Care program strong, safe and effective, we’ve implemented new practices and protocols to ensure the safety of those we care for during every home visit.

  • We screen all patients and family members prior to each visit to make sure all the right infection control precautions are used during the visit.
  • Our visiting staff wear personnel protective equipment (PPE).
  • We require our patients and their family members in the home to wear a face covering when we visit.
  • When we care for patients with COVID-19, our staff will use disposable or dedicated equipment for that person, such as stethoscopes. We will be sure to carefully dispose of all personal protective equipment (PPE) outside the home once our home visit is complete. 
  • We schedule visits with those who have COVID-19 at the end of the day so there’s no danger of exposure to other patients.

if you or someone in your home require the services of Catholic Home Care.

Good Shepherd Hospice

CHS is committed to safe, comforting, compassionate care of patients admitted to either of our two dedicated inpatient hospice units, located in Port Jefferson and Rockville Centre. The COVID-19 pandemic has not interrupted our hospice operations. Our staff remains dedicated to caring for those facing serious illness. 

To keep our Good Shepherd Hospice program strong, safe and effective, we’ve implemented new protocols to ensure the safety of all those we care for. 

  • We screen all patients and family members prior to each visit to ensure all the right infection control precautions. 
  • Our staff wear personnel protective equipment (PPE). 
  • We require our patients and their family members to wear a face covering. 
  • We use disposable or dedicated equipment for that person, such as stethoscopes.  
  • We schedule visits for those who have COVID-19 at the end of the day, so there’s no danger of exposure to other patients. 

Both inpatient units have dedicated private rooms for patients who may have COVID-19. Family can continue to visit their loved ones. But for added safety we have modified visitation practices and will screen all visitors for signs of the virus. We are also prepared to provide family members with all required personal protective equipment if their loved one has COVID-19.   

Call 631-465-6363 if you or someone you know needs hospice care.