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St. Charles Post-COVID-19 Rehab Gets Nesconset Resident Moving Again

January 13, 2021
Angela Long

At 78 years of age, Angela Long was living a normal, vibrant life and was known for getting an early start every day.

But a bout with COVID-19 left the Nesconset resident sluggish and frustrated over not being able to complete some of life’s most basic tasks she previously had done with ease.

“I’ve always been healthy and had no issues with cholesterol or any health problem that many people my age deal with,” Angela said. “Since COVID, things have been much different.”

Following her COVID-19 diagnosis in June and a stay at a non-Catholic Health hospital, Angela was transferred to St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson where she began her road to recovery from the virus that has affected so many Long Islanders.

“Other than when I had my children, I had not been in a hospital,” she said. “The folks at St. Charles were wonderful and so caring. One day I forgot to order food, and I received a call to check on me and take my order.”

Following her two-week stay at St. Charles, Angela was discharged and immediately began receiving visits from Catholic Health’s Catholic Home Care (CHC). The team at CHC visited her regularly at home, monitoring her vitals and initiating physical therapy to get Angela moving again.

“The Home Care nurses were great,” she said. “They would come and check up on me and keep reassuring me that I was doing great with my recovery.”

Angela would also be one of the first patients in the newly developed St. Charles Post-COVID-19 Rehabilitation Program. The outpatient program includes medically-supervised physical therapy for endurance training, strength training and education for patients who are at least 14 days past a COVID-19 diagnosis.

St. Charles Hospital’s physical rehabilitation experts developed the program specifically to treat those dealing with the after-effects of COVID-19.

“Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 may find they are unable to tolerate any type of physical activity,” said St. Charles Vice President of Rehabilitation Laura Beck. “They experience shortness of breath and weakness. These symptoms are seen in many people who have recovered from the virus whether or not they were on a ventilator.”

Within a week of starting the hospital’s Post-COVID-19 rehab program, Angela quickly transitioned from a walker to a cane. After only two weeks in the rehab program, she was back to feeling like herself and was thankful for the efforts of all at St. Charles and CHC.

“I don’t recall every being as sick as I was when I had COVID-19,” she said. “Everyone at St. Charles and Home Care provided such amazing care. I would not be feeling as well as I do now without them.”

For additional information on the St. Charles Post-COVID-19 program, or to schedule an appointment please call (631) 474-6111.